Product-Mix Auction Software

We provide open-source software for three different Product-Mix Auctions. (All Product-Mix Auctions are single-round sealed-bid auctions for multiple units of multiple distinct goods.)

This software is available both as a command-line program pma, and a web application pma-server (all open-source). The latter provides a single-user interface allowing an auction specification to be constructed in a web browser form. We host the web app here and also provide the code so users can host it locally.

We also provide an introduction to the software, with examples of its use, and a companion slide set with annotated screenshots. This slide set provides an overview of Product-Mix Auctions; see this paper for more detail.

Please contact Elizabeth Baldwin or Paul Klemperer for the password to access this software, or for further information about it; its use is free of charge.

Access the PMA web app, and download software and documentation (requires password)

This software is released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

Graph of Bids in Price Space 3 Goods

Graph of Bids in price space 2 goods

Graph of Supply and demand

Graph of TQSS and demand